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The Lighthouse Christian Chargers football program is Southwest Missouri's premier homeschool football organization. Our program includes a spring flag football league for ages 8 to 11, and 11-man tackle football for grades 3 through 12 (Mighty Mites, Junior High, Junior Varsity & Varsity squads). We play games against local and regional public and private school teams, as well as regional homeschool teams. The Junior Varsity and Varsity teams travel to Florida each November to compete in the National Homeschool Football Association Tournament!  

Players must be homeschooled or attend a private school without a football team to play Chargers Football.

Chargers Football Team Classifications

Team Age Notes
Flag Football 3rd - 6th Grade May not turn 13 in 2024
Mighty Mites 3rd - 6th Grade May not turn 13 in 2024
Junior High 12 - 14 yrs old Prior to July 1st 2024
Varsity 14 - 18 yrs old Prior to July 1st 2024

Registration Fees

Team Description Season Est. Registration Fee*
Mighty Mites (youth) Fall See Mighty Mites Website
Flag Football (youth) Spring $20.00
Junior High Football Fall $500.00
High School Football Fall $600.00
*Subject to change until start of registration.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who can play Chargers football?

ELIGIBILITY: In order to join Chargers Football you must be a full time homeschool student, or a private school student at a school that does not have a football team.

For detailed eligibility requirements, please review the document attached below in detail.


What ages are eligible to participate?

 Senior High. Players get 4 years of high school eligibility, and may be no older than 18 on July 1st prior to the season start.

Junior High. Players get 2 years of eligibility betweeen age of 12-14 years old before July 1st prior to the season. 

Spring Flag. Spring flag football is available in the spring for players ages 8 to 11.

Fall Mighty Mites. Mighty Mites football is available in the fall for ages 8 to 11.


Where are practices and games?

Practices are planned to be at Chargers field at Fellowship farm. For game locations, see the 2024 schedule posted on this page.


What time of the year does this program run?

Mini camp begins the last week of July, with practice starting the beginning of August. The season runs until the middle of November ending with the National Homeschool tournament in Panama City Beach, Florida.


Do I need insurance?

Yes. The team only carries a general liability policy, you must have your own medical insurance.


When are practices and how often are they?

Teams generally practice 3 to 4 times per week, generally from 5:30 pm until around 8:30 pm. There may be some Saturday practices as well.


How many games will they play? What days of the week?

Teams will play 10 to 12 games over the course of the season and will could fall on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays (for Varsity). See schedule above for details on the 2024 game schedule (subject to change).


Are uniforms included in registration or are they an additional fee?

Team game uniforms (home and away), helmets, shoulder pads, and practice jerseys are provided as part of your registration fees.


What equipment am I responsible for providing?

Shoes, socks, mouth guard, practice pants, football girdle.

Other Costs

What additional costs might I incur?

  • There will be a charge (cost to be determined) for an optional athlete sweatshirt to be used for game/event arrival.
  • Travel costs (fuel, food, and sometimes lodging, depending on location).
  • Entrance fees to games.

Overnight Travel

How much overnight travel can I expect?

• Last weekend of August – Homeschool Classic – Dallas, TX – Junior Varsity/Varsity

• October 19, 2024 (1 Night) – Tomball Warriors – Atoka, OK –Junior High/Junior Varsity/Varsity

• November 18-24, 2024 (6 Nights minimum) – NHFA Nationals Tournament – Panama City Beach, FL – Junior Varsity/Varsity

Parental Involvement

What are the volunteer expectations?

Lighthouse Christian Chargers is a volunteer organization. Each family is expected to contribute to the betterment of the program.

The typical areas of need for football include Coaching, Game Clock, Play Clock, Statistician, Video, Treasurer, Equipment Manager, Registration, Fundraisers, Concessions, Gate, Fanwear, Social Media, Special Events (year-end parties, banquets)


Lighthouse Christian Chargers Football was formed in 2006 as the "Springfield Christian Chargers." The team played two seasons of 8-man football, winning the Division III 8-Man Championship at the NACA (National Association of Christian Athletes tournament in 2007).

In 2008 the team moved up to 11-man football and joined the new National Homeschool Football Association (NHFA). They also changed the name of the team to the "Lighthouse Christian Chargers." The team won the NHFA National Championship at the inaugural tournament in Panama City Beach, Florida. They would successfully defend their championship, repeating the feat in 2009. During those early years the team would have to travel out of state to play each week before being granted "Approved Competition" status by the Missouri State High School Activities Association. Now the Chargers play half of the regular season against local high schools and half of the season against regional homeschool teams.

The Chargers would win a second pair of NHFA championships in 2013 and 2014, as well as a fifth in 2021, cementing the program as the most successful homeschool program in the country. In 2022 the five NHFA championship teams were inducted into the Missouri State Sports Hall of Fame.

In 2023 (the program's 18th season) a separate Junior Varsity team was created. Though several Junior Varsity games have been played in recent years, a separate full game schedule and separate staff has now been formed!



John Hunt

Varsity Head Coach

Brian Garton

Junior Varsity Head Coach

Kevin Grundy

Junior High Head Coach

Jason McCully

Mighty Mites Coordinator

Jason McCully

Flag Football Coordinator

Brett Williams

Football Program Director

Maria Applegate

Football Program Treasurer


Team Operations Manager

Shelly Meadows


Mighty Mights 2024

**Remember you MUST register for the Association Membership first before registering for a sport!!**

2024 Mighty Mights program for boys from 3rd-6th grade.( Cannot turn 13 in 2024 to participate)

Registration is $60. $50 for equipment rental(helmets and pads)

**PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to pay with cash or check, you must enter the discount code CASH at checkout**


Fall 2024

**Remember you MUST register for the Association Membership first before registering for a sport!!**

The Lighthouse Christian Chargers are Southwest Missouri's homeschool football team. Our program includes 11-man tackle football for grades 7 through 12 (Junior High, Junior Varsity & Varsity). We play games against local public-school teams and regional homeschool teams. The Junior Varsity and Varsity teams travel to Florida each November to compete in the National Homeschool Football Association Tournament!

****PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to pay with cash or check, you must enter the discount code CASH at checkout.

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